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Age range for Scouts Australia commences with Joey Scouts at 6 years of age. Joey Scouts may commence transition any time after their 7th birthday and have progressed to Cub Scouts by their 8th birthday.

Discovering the wider world! For Joey Scouts, life is an exciting adventure. They explore the wider world, stimulate their imagination and develop skills in team work.

Joey Scout Mobs meet once a week for approximately 1 to 1.5 hours under the care and supervision of professionally trained Joey Scout Leaders. Parents and helpers are welcome to join in the road to adventure with their Joey Scouts and share many new discoveries.

Their activities include.

  • Playing new games.
  • Learning how to make things.
  • Going on exciting outings.
  • Learning new songs.
  • Dressing up.
  • Storytelling, miming, and acting.
  • Learning about Scouting.
  • Joining in Sleepovers and Mob Holidays.
  • Going on nature and outdoor activities.
  • Making new friends.

Burleigh Heads Joey Scouts

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